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Q & A's

Why should I invest in property styling?

These days prospective buyers are no longer looking to purchase a house, they're looking to invest in a lifestyle. We, at Selective Interiors, are qualified and skilled interior designers and decorators, however we are experienced property stylists by trade.

What's the difference?

An interior decorator styles a home to appeal to your own personal tastes. A property stylist takes the opposite approach; they aim to present your home as a blank canvas so that buyers can easily envisage themselves in the space. We make sure that every detail is shown to its full advantage, specifically positioning furniture, art and cushions, making use of colour and ensuring everything is beautifully lit. 

In a well-styled property, the functionality of each room is obvious. In very small or large spaces, we can creatively demonstrate how furniture can be positioned to make the most of the area. In strange nooks that buyers might consider odd or unusable, clever styling can display the functionality. Alternatively, unattractive areas can be strategically masked. 


Property styling can benefit your campaign from photography to inspections - Enhancing the aesthetic appeal, securing a timely sale and achieving the highest possible price tag for your property.


What's the process?

The selective interiors team are professional stylists who work closely with Real Estate agents and keep their  fingers on the market pulse! Property styling for sale is entirely different to interior design. We select pieces that help to show off your home's best aspects and full potential to prospective buyers.

We can quote from floor plans, photos or meet with you or your agent on site. Once you confirm our quote we'll work closely with your agent and arrange an installation date that suits your campaign timeline.

Installation usually takes between 2 - 5 hours and we can work to timelines or any potential restrictions you may have.


After furniture hire is in place it will remain untouched until your hire period ends. At this stage you can choose to extend, if required, otherwise we will arrange removal of furniture hire, ensuring your property is left in the same condition it was before styling.

How much does property styling cost?

Selective Interiors charges based on the size of the property, number of living spaces and access. We are very competitively priced with installations ranging between $2000 and $6000+.

We offer two furniture hire packages: a competitively priced mid-range option or a premium package.

All furniture hire packages are customised to compliment your home and include styling, delivery, placement of furniture, accessories & picture hanging.

How long is the average hire period and campaign?

Our quotes cover you for 5 weeks. Generally that allows 1 week for photography and a 4 weeks sales campaign.

What is your lead time?

We generally require a lead time of around a week from initial enquiry or quotation to installation. In peak periods, this could increase to two or three weeks so it is best to contact us as early as possible. We do our best to cater to tight turnarounds wherever possible.

What if I need more time?

We can supply you with extension rates beyond the initial 5 week period. You can opt to extend weekly or monthly.

What style will my home be furnished in?

Selective Interiors has a modern style which is reflected in our online images and portfolio. Whilst we take into account the style of your property and look to compliment your home our modern style will create a contemporary and stylish finish that will appeal to a broad market.

Can I use my own furniture?

Selective Interiors requests that all properties/rooms be vacant before installation day. We want the styling in your property to look consistent and cohesive and therefore we are unable to work with existing pieces.

Do I have to vacate the property?

Selective Interiors only work with vacant properties or rooms. Our furniture is for display purposes only, so to ensure our furniture stays in good condition we request that the property has been vacated prior to installation.


Can I select furniture/furnishings for my property?

Unfortunately Selective Interiors doesn't offer a service where you can select your own furniture or furnishings. We use our expert knowledge and experience to create a package for your property based on market trends, potential buyers and available stock. This allows us to provide a great service whilst still retaining our competitive prices.

Am I able to hire just a few pieces?

Unfortunately Selective Interiors does not offer a service where you are able to hire individual pieces to add to your home. If, however, you have an unoccupied room in your home we can style this for you! We do request that this room remain unused.

Can I purchase the furniture/accessories installed in my property?

Generally we don't sell our furniture, however, we may be able to source the same item for you from our suppliers.

What are the payment terms?

Selective Interiors requires full payment prior to installation. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Cheque & Direct transfers.

What parts of Melbourne do you service?

We've styled around the bay! From the Mornington Peninsula to Geelong and out to Woodend and over to the Dandenong's! In short we service most Melbourne areas.

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